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Bed Bug Exclusion Services

Bed bugs have the ability to travel between apartment units in search of a blood meal and ideal living conditions through gaps, cracks, and crevices in the wall. Pipes, electrical outlets, door frames, and gaps underneath baseboards are common entrances for bed bugs to enter surrounding units. To combat the spread of these hungry pests, these “open doors” must be closed off and sealed.


An apartment building with isolated cases of bed bug infestation is completely treatable and manageable. However, the infested units must remain isolated to ensure bed bugs are confined to those units only. If the bed bugs can easily travel to adjacent units, the problem can spiral out of control very quickly. A key strategy in the war against bed bugs is a proactive approach. Extreme Cleanup Inc.’s exclusion services will help eliminate hiding spaces, stop avenues of travel between apartments, and save your building from spreading bed bug infestations. Here is our game plan:

  • Vacuum under all baseboards, door and window frames, electrical outlets, cracks, and crevices.
  • Apply Diatomaceous Earth insect dust (natural and chemical free) to gaps, cracks, and crevices.
  • Clean and wipe around baseboards to prepare the surface for effective adhesion to caulking.
  • Caulking will be applied below/above baseboards and to cracks/crevices in order to seal off hiding spots and common routes of bed bug travel.
  • Application of a special foam designed to handle high temperatures around radiator pipes and other plumbing, thereby shutting down another common route of bed bug travel.