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Cleaning, Sanitizing and Deodorizing

Extreme Cleanup is not your typical cleaning service; we’re not competing with Molly Maid! Our cleaning solutions are specifically designed to help improve the effectiveness of pest control treatment. In extremely dirty dwellings, the performance of pesticide spray treatments targeting cockroaches and bed bugs is greatly diminished. What happens is that the chemical treatments get absorbed by the dirt and grime, instead of eradicating the insects. Our extreme cleaning solutions allow the pesticide to do its job. A thorough cleaning will also eliminate food sources (such as crumbs, spills, etc.) that certain pests feed on, and provide an overall sanitary living environment for the occupant. Why give mice and cockroaches a reason to stick around?

Unfortunately, many individuals are not able to properly manage the sanitation of their living environment; primarily hoarders, elderly seniors, and those with mental/physical disabilities. Extreme Cleanup will work closely with the following types of organizations, to restore sanitary conditions to filthy units, and greatly improve the success rate of pest control treatment:

  • Mental Health Organizations
  • Housing For The Physically Disabled
  • Housing For Independent Seniors
  • Not-For-Profit Housing Organizations
  • Government Funded Housing Organizations
  • Property Management Companies
  • Co-ops

To tackle extreme situations, we use only the most effective cleaning agents in the industry. Our professional line of disinfectant cleaning products will leave your units spotless, sanitized, and deodorized. Using expanding foaming agents, we can deliver a biological antibacterial solution, disinfectant, degreaser, and odour counteractant to specific areas of concern. Common areas that we clean prior to bed bug treatment:

  • Perimeter of the entire unit along the baseboards.
  • Floors and walls.
  • Door frames, window frames, and windows.
  • Kitchen: Counters, cupboards, shelving, and behind refrigerators and stoves.
  • Bedroom: Around the edges, under beds, inside closets.
  • Bathroom: We clean, sanitize, and deodourize filthy bathrooms!

At Extreme Cleanup we realize that a bed bug, cockroach, or rodent infestation can be devastating and costly. Our superior cleaning methods lay the framework for a successful treatment by the exterminator. Like most things in life, a job worth doing is a job worth doing right. Proper pest control preparation coupled with a cleanly environment will contribute to the overall effectiveness of pest control treatments.

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